development of iOS apps

App Development Series: The Building Process

“It’s Wednesday. Do you know what your developer is doing?” You’re not going to watch your developer type every single line of code into this app. But you, the customer, still want to see regular progress in some form, or maybe you’re just thinking of a change. It’s reassuring for any customer to know the project is[…]

development of iOS apps

App Development Series: The Ideal Developer

Starting a business partnership is rarely simple, but it’s often very exciting. In the case of mobile app development, finding the ideal developer to hire requires you to find out a lot about them. Ideally, they’ll not only have experience, reliability and reasonable pricing, but they’ll also be genuinely nice to work with. Here, I’ll walk[…]

development of iOS apps

App Development Series: Introduction

Coming soon: The Majordomo introduces a new blog: the App Development Series! Over the next several months, this blog will narrate the complex business of app development, from the client’s point of view. Trying to find the right app developer is a tricky business, but even trickier is getting the app built to specifications that leave nothing lacking and leaves[…]

PowerboatGuy Version 3.0

PowerboatGuy Version 3.0! PowerBoatGuy gives you the ability to record and save your boat trips, and easily share them with another iPhone/iPad user. This app also tracks your boat’s route, captures and displays your boat’s acceleration, and monitors your speed and heading, all in real-time. PowerboatGuy is perfect for fishermen, water-skiers, wake-surfers, and wake-boarders who[…]