App Development Series: Introduction


The Majordomo introduces a new blog: the App Development Series! Over the next several months, this blog will narrate the complex business of app development, from the client’s point of view. Trying to find the right app developer is a tricky business, but even trickier is getting the app built to specifications that leave nothing lacking and leaves your users delighted.

Deciding who to hire, what price to pay, and what to do when the app doesn’t satisfy are only some of the issues that come up in the app development process. Even after a developer is found and the application is finished, the long-term support of the app will raise issues of its own. Often, these questions can make it an incredible hassle to get the best possible version of your app produced within a reasonable amount of time.

For anyone finding themselves in this situation, this series aims to address and answer any questions you may have about the whole process. Learn how to appropriately select the right app developer, how to ensure that your intellectual property is safeguarded, whether the app will continue to run after software updates, and so much more.

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Jay is a social media coordinator, website traffic specialist, and product tester at the Majordomo.