Kitchen Sync 1.6.0

Quick link: You can download the latest Mac installer image for Kitchen Sync: here

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New In 1.6.0

Version 1.6.0 adds a feature in Disk Sync to calculate the size of the files being copied and to ensure that enough free space exists before the copy starts.
Overview of Kitchen Sync

KitchenSyncPrefPaneIf you are like me, you have a computer or file server at home that stores your music and movie collection. Although you love Dropbox, or iTunes Match, they are not always the answer. Maybe you have an expensive or slow Internet connection. Or maybe you’re going on a plane, backpacking in the mountains, and the Internet is just not there.

So what do you do? Simple- you copy portions of your folders to a USB stick, or external hard drive and carry it around. (it’s called SneakerNet). Easy, right? Not so fast. You have to import the stuff on your other computer. And then the fun begins. See if any of these ring a bell:

  • when you unplug the USB stick, the entries still hang around your iTunes library. It’s only when you go to access them, that you get an error message. And if you are using an Apple TV, you find this out after the popcorn is hot, you’re in your favorite comfy chair and then ARGHHHH!!!
  • If you add more stuff to your USB drive, you have to remember what you’ve already imported and not reimport the old stuff. Jeesh, I thought computers were supposed to do this.
  • You make changes to the files you are carrying around and then forget what you’ve done- ending up with slightly different copies, or missing files (“Where did that document go??!!!”)

Enter: Kitchen Sync

I kept having these problems and so I went about creating Kitchen Sync. It is a collection of synchronization utilities: iTunes Sync and Disk Sync.

When you plug in a USB stick, iTunes Sync automatically adds all its media into iTunes. When you eject it, iTunes Sync updates iTunes and deletes the entries (but never the files!)

Disk Sync lets you easily carve out folders of a disk and place them on disk (called a “slave”). You can then take that slave disk anywhere- make changes, add or delete things. When you get back, Disk Sync will merge them back into the master disk.

Kitchen Sync places an icon ‘Ks’ in your system menu bar. From there, you can quickly see the status of your disks and can open the Kitchen Sync status pane.

Easy, huh? You can download the latest Kitchen Sync Mac installer image: here

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