PowerboatGuy Version 3.0

PowerboatGuy Version 3.0!

PowerBoatGuy gives you the ability to record and save your boat trips, and easily share them with another iPhone/iPad user. This app also tracks your boat’s route, captures and displays your boat’s acceleration, and monitors your speed and heading, all in real-time.

PowerboatGuy is perfect for fishermen, water-skiers, wake-surfers, and wake-boarders who want to capture and share the best journeys on your boat, and lock down information about your boat’s best performances.

New in V3.0!

For the first time, recorded trips can now be shared with other PowerboatGuy users. Additionally, if you have attached photos, videos or notes to your trip, PowerboatGuy now allows you to play them as a movie. You can also AirPlay them to your Apple TV!

Release date: coming soon!

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