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The Majordomo


Web Development

We create beautiful and intuitive web-based applications, using solid, reliable technologies such as React and Vue. We handle all the backend processing too.

Enterprise Applications

We create industrial-strength enterprise-class applications. If your company depends on it for your business, we can build it.

Database Development

We can define and create the optimum solution for storing and accessing your information. Scalable from small to very large- SQL or no SQL.

Fractional Chief Technology Officer

Need the experience of a successful CTO but aren’t ready to hire one full-time? Need a capable leader to fill-in pronto?

Apple App Development

We’re experts in creating exciting and useful applications for all Apple platforms. We can create your application, get it through the Apple review process and into the App Store for you.

Architecture Consulting

An application or system is like a house-- we’ll help you develop a solid architectural foundation upon which to build your dream.

Technology Reviews

Are you using the right tech stack? You don’t want something that’s too leading edge (unproven) but you don’t want something outdated either. If you aren’t sure, or just want some feedback on what you’ve built, we can help.

Application Performance Improvements

App running too slow? Doesn’t support all the users that you need? We’ll help you identify the problems and recommend/implement specific fixes.

Engineering Organization Consulting

You need the right team, using the right tools, to get the job done. We’ll work with you to assess your team’s development methodology and make specific, actionable recommendations, including the full development lifecycle.

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What Others Say About Us

The Majordomo were great to work with. I really appreciated that they took the time to understand the challenge we were trying to solve for today, and the challenges we’d be solving in the future.

Doug Milnes


The Majordomo was an invaluable addition to our development team - we could not have shipped our iOS product without their contributions. The Majordomo were able to confidently navigate our challenging and unique requirements.

Matthew A. Feadler


The Majordomo is a very strong senior technical resource to tap with excellent communication and a very solid technical foundation.

Jim Turner

CEO, Pro Agent Solutions

The Majordomo helped make my company a success. They are everything that they claim to be - hardworking and effective.

Ellen Foster