About Us

We may be a small company, but we have loads of experience. We love new technology and know how best to mix the new with the proven to provide you with the best results.

From creating the most delightful user experiences, to building scalable middleware and backend systems, we’re comfortable tacking problems large and small.

Our favorite technologies? For the frontend: React, Vue built with TypeScript. For the backend: C#, ASP.NET (incl. Core), Node.js, *Nix. For database: SQL and noSQL alike (lots of flavors).

We’re kinda process focused, but it has to serve the project needs: using Agile but including a strong emphasis on architecture and design. And yes, we write things down -- documentation and communication are absolutely important to us. Intellectual property (patents, ownership, liabilities) is always in the corner of our minds.

We started the Majordomo back in 2008, when we built a realtime monitoring and race simulation app for Formula One (Grand Prix) racing. Since then, we’ve branched out to create apps in the growing iPhone app market, as well as web apps.

We’re a small group because we choose to be small. We are picky about the projects we work on-- they have to provide value to the customer and provide an engaging problem for us to explore, solve and learn from. And last but not least, we’re in this to have fun along the way.